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Maui – day 4

Day 4 – Even though we told the guys that we wouldn’t be getting up early again, we still all woke up pretty early every day – but no complaints!  We went into Lahaina  for breakfast and to check out the shops on Front Street (and Mr. G managed to eat ice cream at 10:30 am).  We picked up Subway for lunch and then headed back to the hotel… the rest of the afternoon was spent with our toes in the sand…







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Maui – day 3

Day 3 – We woke up early to see the sunrise at  Mt Haleakala.  And I mean early… we left the hotel at 4 am (and managed not to tell the guys what time we needed to get up until the night before). It wasn’t too bad because of the jet lag..and because of McDonald’s (thank you for being open 24 hours a day!).  It took almost 1.5 hours to get to the visitors center, but we made it in time for sunrise.  It was cold, but so pretty!
After sunrise we hopped back in the car to warm up for a bit.  We shed some of our layers (I had 5 layers of shirts on) and then went back out to walk around and explore the crater.  The crowds cleared out and we were pretty much by ourselves.
We did run into another visitor and had him take a group picture.  He commented “I heard sunset is just as nice as sunrise”.  The looks the guys gave us!   But sunset wasn’t an option as after the mountain and changing rent cars (long story!) we headed to west Maui were we spent the rest of the trip at the Royal Lahaina! And where we promised the guys no more forced early wake ups!  As soon as our rooms were ready we changed into swimsuits and hit the beach.
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Maui – day 1 & 2

Apparently I wish was a travel blogger!  Just kidding!. But we did get to spend a week in Maui in April. It was amazing!!!  And now on to the recap.
Day 1 – We traveled with another couple and were fortunate to get a direct flight to Maui. We checked into our hotel (airport Courtyard Marriott) and then headed to Costco for water and snacks (you can buy surf boards at the Costco in Maui!).  We ate dinner at an Italian restaurant called Marcos and then crashed for the night.
Day 2 – We were up early due to jet lag. But took full advantage of the early start for a breakfast at Krispy Kreme.  It wasn’t “local” but we are not ones to turn down warm Krispy Kreme! After our sugary start, we started our adventure on The Road to Hana.  I don’t know how many times I said “it’s not the destination but the journey”. Yup…I do a pretty good job reading a tour book from the back seat.
I also don’t want to guess how many times I sang TLCs “Waterfalls”… unfortunately for the other three I don’t know all the lyrics!
I think my favorite part was the black sand beaches at Waianapanapa State Park. So gorgeous!!
But I was also fond of the shaved ice and warm banana bread.
And more waterfalls!
There are a lot more pictures I could post but I will stop at these!
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This week…

This week we welcomed our first niece! We have decided being an aunt and uncle is a pretty sweet deal.


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Dublin 2012

Pictures from our quick trip to Ireland in Dec 2012. Better late than never, right?

cliffs and mr g

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4 years!

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary! Someone asked us a few weeks ago how long we had been married and after replying I turned to Mr. G and said “I feel the need to give you a high-five.” High-fives all around!


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Photo Dump

Random photos from my old phone!

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Happy Memorial Day


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A dirty Mack on our camping trip in April

Our dog, Mack, passed away last Friday night (May 4th).  This past week has been very long as we have adjusted to our quiet house. Mack was only 2, but it sure did seem like we had him for much longer.  Mr. G and I have been amazed to realize just how much our lives were affected (for the better) by a 20 lb dog.  I will own up to having a rough start with Mack, but he was my little side kick and I did love him. 


Mack posing in the bluebonnets (it’s a Texas thing)

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Israel: The Miscellaneous

A final Israel post about the miscellaneous stuff!

We toured with a group from our church – there were 45 of us.  We have never gone on a group tour and didn’t know how it would work out.  It was awesome!  Loved having the local tour guide who knew so much. Loved having the bus driver so we didn’t have to rent a car and try to navigate through Israel by ourselves and we got to sit back and relax (nap) between stops. 

The tour group took care of hotel arrangements (nice hotels) and breakfast and dinner (buffets at the hotels).  We paid for our lunches, but our guide took us to restaurants that were accustomed to serving groups – often buffets or a limited menu.

And honestly, I really loved that the tour guide knew where the bathrooms were at each stop or how long to the next bathroom… and he would tell us if they were cleaner. We loved having the camaraderie of others from home (we didn’t know most of them before this trip, but by the time we said goodbye at the airport it felt like we were leaving our new friends that we had made at youth camp…only we get to see them again).

Our guide ‘s name was Shlomo  and he looked like he was related to Robin Williams.

One night in our hotel we caught a part of  “Arab idol ” – same theme music but that is all we understood.

English is taught in school and most signs were in Hebrew and English (and often had Arabic ,too). Everyone spoke English to us and was extremely friendly (approx 3.5M tourists a year).

 Gas was approx $9 a gallon while we were there.

My souvenirs were an  olive wood nativity, a pretty scarf,  a charm for my charm bracelet, and a pair of earrings made of the local Eilat stone (and Mr. G got a t-shirt).

Diet Coke tastes good whether in Hebrew or Arabic!

We ate a lot of  humus (or humos), which I like, but I am not a fan of falafel (fried chickpeas).  This is the shawarma (chicken):

While most places have stray dogs, Israel had stray cats – and lots of them.

I took approximately 2,800 pictures. What can I say? I am a click happy person.

When I look through my pictures and I am not sure what I am looking at, I just label it a water cistern or a ritual bath house…. We saw a lot of them!

Did anyone notice that in all of our Jerusalem pictures we appear to be wearing the same clothes? It was cold in Jerusalem (high of 50s with wind – and rainy a few days).  I promise we had on clean shirts underneath our jackets. Also, we were teased for our loud colors, but it paid off as we were easy to spot in a crowd.

We felt very safe while in Israel. One day we did notice a greater police presence in Jerusalem, but then realized they were there to provide support to the crowds that were cheering on the Jerusalem marathon. I have heard of some tourists having difficulties with safety, but I think part of traveling with a tour guide is that the guide keeps you out of places you shouldn’t be.

And this is the Cross of Jerusalem or Crusaders’ Cross – the four smaller crosses represent the four gospels or the four directions that the word of Jesus spread from Jerusalem. Or all together the 5 crosses can symbolize the five wounds Jesus received during the crucifixion.

It sounds cheesy, but we got to experience Biblical history coming alive.  We have a better understanding of what is going on ”over there” when we watch the news.  It was our “Christian pilgrimage” and we loved it!

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