Posted by: griswoldfun | January 6, 2014


At the beginning of the year I was reading a lot of blogs that made talk about setting goals and picking their word for the year.  It was a bit overwhelming in a self-imposed way. I knew I  could stand for some goals or resolutions but mine weren’t lofty (clean the garage?).  It was bothering me a bit that I didn’t seem to have my act more together. But then I felt the reassurance of God/Spirit that 2013 was going to be a good year. I had to laugh because by then we knew that we two new additions to the family and it was going to be a good year.  In March our family welcomed a niece and in Sept a new nephew.


And with birth came the other side, death. In 2013 we had the totally unexpected and too young passing of Uncle Pete in Feb – an uncle only 14 years older than Mr. G and more like an older brother. And then in Sept the passing of Grandmommy, who was so ready to meet Jesus.  Death is a part of life, but one I know I won’t  fully comprehend while I’m on this earth.

photo (4)

We celebrated this year, too. Our 5 year anniversary (in Hawaii). There was a high school graduation for my BIL. The birth of those sweet babies. Birthdays and ice cream for celebrating and “just because”.


We didn’t get to spend near enough time with the boat this year due to a drought, but we did get some trips in to neighboring lakes and a sibling trip that will live in history as the trip of lost & found items (specifically an anchor that is still lost, and a set of keys and a phone that were lost and then found).


We laughed a lot and we disagreed… a lot.


But the most surprising part of 2013 was where in the in the midst of everyday life, we decided that we would probably move some day and started looking at land and nearby towns… and then ended up moving 3 miles from our current house to our dream neighborhood.

photo (2)

And then we might have just snuck in a quick trip to London.

photo (5)

I am looking forward to 2014.  I won’t be worrying about my goals (it would be to unpack!) or having a “word of the year”. I know God is in control and I have no doubt 2014 is going to be just as good of a year. And we are going to continue to celebrate and laugh and (and probably disagree) and make it a priority to count our blessings  and  treasure the presence of God as our lives are orchestrated in ways we don’t begin to understand.


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