Posted by: griswoldfun | April 5, 2012

Israel: Day 7

Day 7 (March 14th):  The rest of our time in Israel was based in Jerusalem.   Our first stop of the day was the Mount of Olives to see the awesome view that Jesus would have seen when he arrived from the East. Jesus’ triumphant entry was down the mountain (Matthew 21:1-11) and here Jesus taught his disciples of Jerusalem’s pending doom and end days (Matthew 24). This is also where Jesus ascended from 40 days after his resurrection (Mark 16:19). 

Zechariah has prophesied that Jesus would return to the mount and it would be split in two by a wide valley (Zechariah 13:4-8)

Our guide pointed out the sealed Golden Gate was below us, which is where the Jewish people believe  they will enter the city of Jerusalem upon the return of the messiah. The hills are covered in graves (approx 70,000) as Jews want to be the first to enter though the gates.

We then dropped down the hill to Garden of Gethsemane which is on the western slope of the Mount of Olives.  Gethsemane means “wine or oil press” .  The Garden is maintained by Franciscan Catholics and has 8 olive trees that date from the late first century.  Here is where Jesus prayed “Father not my will, but yours be done (Matthew 26:36-56) and is also the scene of Jesus’ betrayal and His arrest (Matthew 26:47-56).

Then we went to city of David and saw the “traditional” tomb of David and then the “traditional” Upper Room.  The Upper Room, of course, is where Jesus shared the last supper with his disciples and established our practice of the Lord’s supper (Mark 14:12-16)While there another it was hard for our guide to talk as another group started singing.  So… I recorded them. I am not sure what language it is, but it was easy to pick up that it is “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”.

We visited the “traditional” House of Caiaphas  – After Jesus’ arrest he was taken to the house of Caiaphas, the high priest, to be tried (John 18:12-14). This traditional location is built atop the ruins of a Byzantine church and monastery and Catholic pilgrims believe that the prison in which Jesus was held is located inside the church.  This would also be where Peter denied Jesus in the courtyard three times.

And that was all done in the morning!  We spent our afternoon at museums.  First, we went to the Israeli Museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls and an amazing scale model of Old Jerusalem.

Then, we went to the Yad Vashem/Holocaust Museum.  It was a very intense museum… and there was an awesome view after going through the exhibits.

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