Posted by: griswoldfun | March 28, 2012

Israel: Day 5 – more of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea was pretty cool… so I am doing another  post so I can share more pictures. 

An ocean has 7% mineral content and the Dead Sea has 33% mineral content – nothing lives in the water (thus the “Dead” Sea). Approx 7 million tons of water evaporate daily, but the minerals remains which is causing  the salt content to increase.  At first we thought these were quartz, but they are actually clumps of salt.

The lowest point of dry land on earth is the shoreline of the DEad Sea at 1300 feet below sea level. 

Our guide had told us that after you go into the Dead Sea and float, you will declare yourself done quickly.  He was right!   Although we did  manage to be entertained by floating for closer to  30 minutes.  I think the Dead Sea experience is short because all you can do is float  you can’t swim or dive or horseplay since it’s too salty / dangerous to get into your eyes / mouth.  I also think if it had been in the middle of the day and it was sunny (as opposed to 5 pm and overcast) that the water would have been warmer and we could have bought a water bottle with us and we could have stayed much longer (kinda like how we float when at the lake).

We did take our finger, dip it in the water and let the water slide off, and then touch our tongues with our finger – it was like a pop rock explosion of salt in your mouth.  Overall,  it was such a cool experience to be there and see what it was all about!

Also, Mr. G does not typically float – so the Dead Sea was especially interesting for him!

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