Posted by: griswoldfun | February 15, 2012

Put me in your big ol’ pickup truck

I have been driving the truck ever since we sold the Jeep.  I use the term “the truck” because I can’t claim possession – it’s Mr. G’s.  (Hopefully he remembers that when it needs an oil change?)  I have noticed two things about driving the truck:  first, we are saving a lot of money because I can only go places with big parking lots. Second, my cautious driving skills are evolving into old lady cautious driving skills.  Yeah…It’s bad.  So, just a general public service announcement: Pickup trucks accelerate slowly.  This means I go slowly. This means that I am very cautious making left hand turns across oncoming traffic.  And, if you want to honk at me or flip me off, that is just fine by me. Remember two things: karma will get you (to the man who flipped me off yesterday and then had to sit at the red light right next to me) and the truck is bigger than you (to the woman ridding my tail this morning).

Also, thanks to my truck pondering, I have had “Back in the Saddle” running through my head. It’s my favorite “truck” song. (Also, free lesson in random stuff… Matraca Berg is awesome! You may be more familiar with a little song she recently co-wrote called “You & Tequila“)



  1. That song makes me think of Chris everytime! It seemed to always be on anytime we were in his vehicle!

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