Posted by: griswoldfun | November 23, 2011

Paris: The Miscellaneous Post

A post about the miscellaneous stuff!

I love bread… anyone who knows me isn’t surprised. I told someone that my favorite part of Paris were the croissants and I got mocked…they really were soooo good!

Mister’s face that he makes so I don’t use his pictures:

A “fail” pic from The Hall of Mirrors:

McFlurry’s… they didn’t blend the stuff in (those are KitKat and M&Ms).  Ice cream was used for bribery to go to museums…

I took French in highschool… I can say “Hi, my name is” and “I don’t understand”, but I was surprised at how much I could remember / comprehend when it was written (especially when it was a show I knew!).

And how I looked a good portion of the time:

We used Rick Steves’ Pocket Paris guide – it was prefect for our 5 day visit, had enough facts / stories without being a history book, and fit perfectly in my bag. Although it didn’t have the info on this sight – a bridge on the Ile do la Cite:

Those are locks and a shop owner explained that couples go to the bridges and place their lock on the railings and then make a wish and throw the key into the Seine.  I wished we had a lock.

Also, we didn’t have any encounters with any “rude” Parisians. Everyone we encountered was so nice and helpful. There was one instance of me being a rude American as I made my way on the metro to the airport, but Iwill have to tell you that story in person so I can act it out!


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