Posted by: griswoldfun | November 20, 2011

Paris: A lot of walking, Pompidou, and a Crepe

On our second day in Paris I went into full-on tourist mode and we ended up doing a lot of walking…like 15 miles worth of walking according to the pedometer. November was a great time of year to visit as the weather was on the side of chilly and we weren’t stinky, sweaty messes at the end of the day… thus the ability to go 15 miles without ending up cranky with each other. 

To start our day, we took the metro to Ile de la Cite and the metro station we got off at was one of the original early 20th century subway entrances and preserved as a national art treasure. I didn’t take a picture of the sign, but I did think the inside was pretty cool looking as we were exiting:

We then went to Point Zero, the “center of Paris”:

Then Notre Dame:

The famous Rose Window from the outside:

And from the inside:

Saint -Chapelle:

The stain glass windows were really very impressive and detailed:

We saw a whole bunch of other stuff, too… we stopped  on Ile St. Louis for “the best ice cream in Paris” (it was okay) at Berthillon and kept our eyes open for Johnny Depp as this is where he lives when in Paris.

We got cultured at the Pompidou Center – the modern art museum.  While there we had a good view of the Eiffel Tower’s display of  lights, so after dinner we then checked out the Eiffel Tower up close:

The Eiffel Tower is awesome!

And then we ate a nutella crepe… well, when I say “we” I mean “me”… and I didn’t slow down to take a picture!

And, one more… a shaky 5 second video of the Eiffel Tower’s light show:



  1. This is amazing! I’ll be in Paris for the first time in 2 months and your post made me really excited. Great job!

  2. OMG OMG OMG. So jealous!!! Can’t wait to hear and see more!!!!

  3. It was fun!!! I have way more pic than I will ever be able to post on here!

  4. If you are going to Paris for fun, I recommend Rick Steves’ books!

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