Posted by: griswoldfun | October 18, 2011

Gone, Gone, Gone

Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On)… sold the Jeep!

I had the Jeep for 8 years – it was what I had wanted since before I could drive.

Mr. G left the decision of selling the Jeep up to me… I think he was concerned that it was something I “loved” so much and would regret selling. I can honestly say that the Jeep and I have run our course. The only thing I think I will miss is this:

MxPx is the best band ever!

It was funny cleaning out the Jeep… I had quite a stash of McDonald’s napkins and found a friend’s apartment gate code on a piece of paper dated 2003. I also found printed directions to Mr G’s house (as in where I live now) and a few emails from  him that I had printed out before we were even officially dating.  The best think I found was a note from my sister after I had a rough day – it was a great reminder of how what seems huge at a moment in time turns out to be nothing a few years down the road…

Gone, Gone, Gone reference here and MxPx  website !



  1. I should read your blog more often, does a heart good.

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