Posted by: griswoldfun | September 9, 2011

7 Quick Takes – 9/09/11

1) The only thing better than coming home to your own bed after a trip is coming home to find wedding cake in your fridge.

2) There is no more wedding in cake in our fridge (just in case you are wondering).

3) We drafted Fantasy Football teams for our family league this week. I even remembered that I had the Saints defense…as I noticed they lost last night.

4) There is candy corn in my house. That makes me very happy.

5) I noticed this week that my wedding rings fit and was even a bit loose when I was cold – only took a year (plus) for the swelling to completely go down. Which is exactly what the physical therapist told me. Imagine that.

6) We have been enjoying some cooler temps this week and have been loving it

7) But we need rain… bad. One day we woke up and found that we could smell the smoke from all of the wildfires. The other days it has been to windy to smell anything but the wind is even worse for the dryness.  Rain is desperately needed!


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