Posted by: griswoldfun | March 24, 2011

The Book Thief

I finished The Book Thief and I’m not sure what I thought of it? Part of me thought it was slow and dragging, yet I kept reading. Without giving away the plot, I actually liked all of the main characters, but the story was pretty heavy… That’s about all I have right now.



  1. I enjoyed this book. Yes, the subject matter is pretty heavy and the characters were likeable. It did seem like it didn’t have much of a plot…it just went along, so to speak. One of the reasons I enjoyed it was because of they way it was presented – the way the story was told – and of course the narrator of the book. I just thought it was a unique way of presenting a topic which is very commonly used in novels.

  2. I agree about there not being much of a plot!

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