Posted by: griswoldfun | August 19, 2010

Random Ramblings

-Yesterday broke our streak of 100 degree temps (18 days in a row)

-Today started the count over again

-I realize everyone has the same problem so I can’t really complain…

-I have to do PT from my pinky and that irks me

-I have a tan line on my pinky and ring fingers from the tape and that cracks me up (and thankfully I am done with taping them together)

-School starts here on Monday. Teachers think the rest of us don’t pay attention, but we do for one reason: School Zones. I am going to have to start leaving 10 minutes earlier (or get back into that whole gym before work thing)

-And the reference to “Something to See” is from Max Stallings… song can be heard here



  1. Welcome back to blogging…….it has been too long. – Mr. G

  2. I think you like me having an outlet for all this random stuff besides you!

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