Posted by: griswoldfun | August 16, 2010

5 years…

Yesterday, Aug 15th, marked my 5th anniversary at my job. I celebrated with peanut M&Ms – healthy junk food. My work anniversary is around the time that the Mister and I were going from “just talking” and hanging out to officially “dating”. Other than my parents, he was the only other person who knew I was looking for a new job. The day I interviewed he asked how it all went and when I expected to hear back. I told him and he was then very respectful and didn’t ever pester me as to whether or not I had heard back. When the day I anticipated hearing back rolled around, not only was I offered the job, but the Mister asked me out for ice cream.  I went from work to meet my mom for fellowship dinner at church and was bouncing out of my seat… the job was awesome news but the date with the Mister had me giddy.  We had a great time (we sampled ice cream at three different locations – a “would you rather” game of ice cream and songs that have been redone by multiple artists) and I was so enamored and off in my giddy la-la land that I kinda forgot to mention the job offer until we were driving back to my car and we passed the turn off to my new job. I casually said “hey… I’ll be working down there in about three weeks.”  Brakes were slammed and I got a “What?!  Here I was trying to distract you from not hearing about the job….?”  Yeah… how was I supposed to explain to him that I was more excited about our date that night?  He’s forgiven me… we still eat too much ice cream… I still like my job… and 5 years later there’s still “something to see”. 🙂



  1. Definitely “Something to See”

  2. I like these happy thoughts!

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