Posted by: griswoldfun | June 2, 2010

I have baby bird bones.

This is me from this afternoon (taken by cell phone).  I look pretty pathetic but all is okay.  The plan was to insert 2 pins into my pinkie, but the doctor found that I have “baby bird bones”, so instead, I have a 0.2mm pin running the length of my finger.  Mr. G has been a great nurse, making sure I eat and take pain meds.  Although the nice doctor gave me a local anesthesia shot to my finger, so no pain right now, but I might be singing a different song tomorrow.  I have a post-op appointment in 3 weeks, where they will remove my stitch and take out the pin.  Thanks for the prayers!

Randomly I was given a Diet Dr. Pepper in the recovery room and this made my morning.  I made sure to tell Mr. G and my parents multiple (multiple!!) times while coming out of anesthesia, they found this hilarious.  Mr. G says that I was very chatty.

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