Posted by: griswoldfun | May 30, 2010

One of these is not like the other…

Saturday night I had a little accident at the lake while tubing.  The short version is that your pinky will not support your full body weight… lesson learned!!!!  We got off the lake and headed to my mom’s house.. she packed us snacks and sent us to the ER.  She told me today she knew my pinky was broken because she could feel it. Yuck!  I am in a soft splint and will see an orthopedic this week.  Here are pictures from last night… Mr G was shaking his head at me for bringing my camera with me to the ER, but we had all the docs and nurses laughing at us!  And, I still had a great time at the lake! 

Waiting to be seen

Size comparison

Getting wrapped up

The nurse who offered to amputate my pinky

The mister stayed with me even though he was grossed out!



  1. Ouch!!! That stinks. That’s crazy to be in a full sling and have to go to an ortho! Who knew the pinky was such an important finger 🙂 I hope it doesn’t hurt too bad and that it heals quickly for you.

    When I tore my ACL, I had my camera with me at the ER. And we had to take S to the ER a few nights ago, and I had my camera with me then too. That’s what happens when you blog–you don’t miss a chance for a good story, no matter what!! 🙂

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