Posted by: griswoldfun | April 22, 2010


Saturday night I realized I lost something important to me. I think I handled it well? I didn’t cry or panic, that defines handling it well in my opinion! I was comforted by Mr. G that it could be replaced. All was fine and good. Then last night I found what was lost. I was really happy, actually I was jumping and shouting in the kitchen happy. As we were brushing our teeth last night and I was still riding my high, Mr. G looked at me and said, ” Now remember what we have learned…” and without missing a beat I jumped in and started ticking things off on my fingers… “It’s just a material possession; it can be replaced; you weren’t mad at me.”  I am the best at self-lecturing!  I always beat myself up…no one else is beating me up or fussing at me, but I can chew myself out like no one else!  Do you remember the old song by “Lit” with the line “I am my own worst enemy / every now and then I kick the living sh** out of me”?  I relate to that song!  But it was very nice to have an instance where I was “self-lecturing” without the tears. It’s something I am truly working on and Mr. G and I talk about it frequently. But what I find funny is the number of times our deep conversations occur in the bathroom?  Are we the only married couple who does this? Please tell me we aren’t?


  1. Ha! Maybe because it’s the smallest room in the house….the one (except for the bed) in which you’re in closest physical proximity? I wonder if there’s something about physical closeness that forces or deepens communication? Not sure I want to live in IKEA’s tiny model homes, but maybe there’s something to that……

  2. I think I will pass on the IKEA model homes, too!

  3. HA! Some of our best communication is in the bathroom! And it’s usually while we’re brushing teeth!

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