Posted by: griswoldfun | April 16, 2010

Won’t Stop Getting Better

Do you watch “Bones”? You should… it is a great show.  Last night’s episode ended with the characters sitting around and discussing high school and high school reunions and how life was better and much more enjoyable than their highschool days.  It was stated much more eloquently than that, but they are characters with scriptwriters.  In the background was a song playing that said “it won’t stop getting better” and it had me Googling as soon as the show was over.  The song is “Won’t Stop Getting Better” by Jason Walker and the full song is quite perfect for my newest “song to be OCD” about!  It can be found on itunes or here.

“Won’t Stop Getting Better” by Jason Walker

When I thought it couldn’t get much better
All the pieces seem to come together
And every single star aligns
Good to have a little piece of mind
It just came to be that
How did it get so easy

It won’t stop getting better
And I’m hoping its gonna last forever
The sun won’t stop getting brighter
My feet are getting lighter
I am floatin’ like a feather
It won’t stop getting better
It won’t stop getting better
Whoa no

Its like I’m living on a silver lining
It’s like the world just won’t stop smiling
As every single star alights
It’s just perfect time
I still can’t believe it
How did it get so easy


Keeps on getting sweeter
It’s filling me up
And it feels so good
Yeah, feels so good




  1. Heeey! I was looking for this lyrics, I heard that song on Bones too, and I loved it! I was almost giving up of looking for when I thought this is my last shot on the google, and I found here! luck me! Thank you for sharing it in your blog! you saved my day, lol. Sorry my english, I’m not a english speaker.
    Have a nice weekend 😉

  2. thankssss!! you are the best , thank you very much! 😀

  3. Glad to know others like the song as much as I do 🙂

  4. Bones is good. been watching every season =) thx for sharing =)

  5. Glad to share!

  6. Saw this on Bones last week and loved it… it’s a shame that u cant find this song on youtube but i downloaded it on a website after looking for it for a whole week. goddamn good… i wonder if jason walker will get famous one day

  7. yup yup me too, i watched bones too, and when i heard this song… awesome! i googled it and find ur blog. thanks a lot for sharing
    cheers from indonesia
    viva bonessss 🙂

  8. omg, yesterday i watched that episode… i found the song…. but i think that was another version…the one i got is great anyways, thnks for the lyrics!!!!! thnks a lot

  9. That’s so amazing that heard this from “Bones ” too, just yesterday,( becoz I am from Thailand). And keep looking for the lyrics , like Karine!, and it’s here. Thank you!

  10. I love that people all over the world love Bones!

  11. Thanks for posting the lyrics! I have been looking for it since I heard this song on Bones. It is perfect!

  12. You are welcome!

  13. thank you for this song! I love it!

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