Posted by: griswoldfun | April 1, 2010

A post about food

While visiting Grandmommy we were able to do one of my absolute favorite things in the world – eat boiled crawfish.

I love the entire experience – the atmosphere, how they take such a long time to eat, and the crawfish themselves!

Mr. G doesn’t like to peel, so he went with this concoction:

A fried crawfish poboy covered in crawfish ettouffee. It was GOOD!

In addition to crawfish, I’ve been forcing some other odd things on Mr. G these past few days…Did you know that if you put bananas in a food processor…

It comes out the same consistency as ice cream?

It taste absolutely nothing like ice cream… no matter how much chocolate syrup you put on it.  Mr. G ate half and then went and got the real ice cream out of the freezer.

And have you heard of this?

PB2 – Powdered Peanut Butter made by Bell Plantation.   

The ingredients are peanuts, salt, and sugar.  Just add water and you’ve got peanut butter.

It’s pretty good stuff!


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