Posted by: griswoldfun | January 27, 2010


I had a small fashion emergency… not really. But the heel of my favorite pair of dress boots came off. My favorite pair and my only pair of winter work shoes. I took them to the shoe repair guy I have used before but he was gone… an empty store. There was a 5 second panic and then one of my coworkers was able to recommend another shoe man.  No problem, except being without shoes for a few days.  And the forecast of snow.  Last night I dug through my closet to find  shoes that wouldn’t blister and the appropriate length pants to go with them. Mr. G was in the closet packing his gym bag at this time and I suggested he leave as it was possibly going to get ugly.  I knew he didn’t understand the issue of length of pants / heel heights.  He looked at the pants I had on and told me they looked fine… I frowned and told him they were my “I’m feeling big” pants… he quickly left….



  1. Like it!

  2. we have to match pant height to shoe height…….help

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