Posted by: griswoldfun | December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

For a blog that started on a whim, I’ve sure had a lot of fun with my super random posts!  This one makes post 174 and to end the year on a random note, here is a list of all the Google searches that have directed people to our blog (typos and all!):

fireproof, boat snacks, boating snacks, snacks for boating, fireproof movie, Cadbury eggs, sunset, pizza hut, cool mint oreos, nick vujicic, Barbie and the rockers, good snacks for boating, paddle boat, family paddle boats, fireproof the movie, clothespins, best boating snacks, crowd, Griswold advent calendar, good boating snacks, 80’s barbies, gabby layne, snacks to eat on the boat, santa’s sweet ride 2009, boat snacks for kids, snacks for boaoting, nick vujicic Christian testimony, sunset on a lake, sweet potato fries, housewife jenny, fix it and forget it pulled pork, snacks while boating, griswoldfun, braum’s peppermint, pizza hut, Nicholas james vujicic, cool paddle boat, good boat snacks, 1986 barbie, healthy boating snacks, best snacks for boating, peppermint ice cream, I have shoes on my feet a roof on my hea, vacation crowd, fun paddle boat, pulled pork recipe, Cadburys chocolate eggs camel, reeses peanut butter eggs, cadburry eggs, marinated cheese


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