Posted by: griswoldfun | December 29, 2009

Getting back into the groove!

I asked Mr. G how he would summarize our Christmas and he said: COLD!! Pretty accurate statement! We actually ended up leaving a day earlier than planned due to the pending weather. Everything held off and we made it to my in-laws with just dense fog. I felt like a little kid when I peeked out the windows the next morning and found 6 inches of snow!

Amazing – but cold! It never got above freezing the entire time we were there. We stayed warm and watched lots of movies (Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, What About Steve?, Miss Congeniality 2, Up, Sherlock Holmes) and ate a lot (a lot!) and played with Blackberrys and had a lot of sibling bonding (and some wrestling). We shopped the after Christmas sales on our way home and also spend a nice hour and half sitting on the interstate due to traffic. We made it home safely and are thankful for the great time spent with family! And now? Now it is snowing here? What?

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