Posted by: griswoldfun | December 3, 2009

Clark Griswold wouldn’t be proud

We (and by “we” I mean the mister) have a slight LED light obsession. We bought them after Christmas last year. In fact, one day last year after Christmas I had gone back to work but Mr. G was still off. He called me at work and told me not to buy any more lights. I asked if he was telling me that or if he was really telling himself that. He then said not to buy any more lights until he figured out how to hook up more power outside… and his voice trailed off with that statement and it was easy to picture the light bulb going off in his head as he hastily hung up the phone with me.  This year’s finished product is below and I must say I really like it… Clark Griswold would be disappointed in us, though!  Mr. G says we need lots more lights!  And I will add that there is only one other house on our street with lights up and the other house doesn’t have near as many. Guess we are the Griswold’s of the neighborhood! (Yes, our blog got it’s title this past January when we were shopping after-Christmas sales and dreaming of what our house would look like!)


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