Posted by: griswoldfun | November 6, 2009

Friday Randomness

-A highlight of this week was catching up on laundry from the month of October (and getting it put away)

-Of course, now there is more to do!

-I also ordered Christmas cards online this week… yup, barely November and I ordered them

-I also started officially Christmas shopping

-And, the Nester says I can start putting out Christmas decorations!!

-Only there was a very heated debate at work today over whether or not this is acceptable

-The real question is whether or not I can keep my mouth shut if I do put some out?

-I am listening to my sister and Mr. G discuss work benefits. She asked if she could pick his brain with some of her work questions and brought Sprinkles cupcakes as a bribe. Yum.  I hope they hurry up!




  1. interesting…

    Okay.. this is off topic..

    but Is your profile pic like famous in flickr or photobucket or some website?

    Because I felt like I have seen your profile pic before in some other website..

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