Posted by: griswoldfun | November 3, 2009

Mom – don’t read this (also titled “I cried at work”)

I have a Facebook application on my phone and I have a (bad) habit of checking status updates throughout the day.  This morning on FB my aunt uploaded a great picture of her two daughters with a simple “Happy Birthday” to one of the two who has passed away. And then I cried. Its been 10 years since my cousin passed away and we still randomly talk about her and think about her.  But the reminder that today is her birthday seemed to bring on the tears.  If I had been quizzed I probably could have pulled from the far recesses of my brain that her birthday was in November, but it really surprised me today.  I could list a number of reasons that I cried and lots of deep thoughts as I realize that there are lots of people remembering loved ones today, but really I just want to say to hug the people you love. Life is precious.

(PS Mom, I know you read it!  I just didnt want you to fuss at me for looking at FB while at work!)


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