Posted by: griswoldfun | October 14, 2009

What I have been chewing on this week!

BooMama posted a blog post for LifeWay All Access following the Living Proof Live in Memphis entitled “Entrusted“.  Oh my goodness… I will admit that it made me tear up. I will admit that I immediately sent it to my sister and mom… and then turned around and sent it to Mr. G and a dear girlfriend.  I am still chewing on it and after i finish typing this I will probably go ahead and send the link to my other girlfriends. If you didn’t go click to read her entry (it’s short – go read it) the gist is a reminder that God entrusted us to whatever we are encountering – grief and illness and pain and people (I added people… I feel it is appropriate).  Everything takes on a different meaning when you start to think about the word “entrusted”!  Thank you BooMama (and Beth Moore) for sharing with those of us who weren’t at Living Proof Live… I think I just added go to an LPM event to my grand “to do” list…


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