Posted by: griswoldfun | October 13, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

We had a great three day weekend! We left home Thursday afternoon and after driving through A LOT of rain, we stopped at Soda Pop’s and enjoyed dinner with friends (who happened to be from home). 


If you are ever in OKC and need a fun place to stop and eat, Soda Pop’s is it. They have 500 choices of soda. 500!!! 


 It was hard to decide what to get, but our group ended up with root beer, grape, blueberry, black cherry, and one energy drink. 

soda flavors

It was quite funny, when we exited onto Route 66 it was pitch black and Mr. G looked at me and said “How did you hear about this place?”  My reply… “Um? A blog”.  Only I didn’t remember whose and he kinda questioned that!

We spent Thursday night in Wichita and on Friday morning we drove to Neodesha and toured the Cobalt Boat Factory.  If you are ever near Neodesha, you should most certainly arrange a tour of the boat factory!  It was extremely cool to see the detail that Cobalt puts into their boats (8 layers of fiberglass!). We had a fabulous tour guide (Clark) who was extremely patient with us and all our questions (we had a lot!).

cobalt boats

Friday night we were in Oakley to watch my BIL play football. He’s #7!

fav football player

And watch my SIL cheer!

fav cheerleader

It was in the 40s / 50s… not very cold, but this Southern girl had on her long johns and enjoyed some hot chocolate.

Now, Saturday morning was cold! I saw 24 degrees on the thermometer!  We drove to Hill City to watch a volleyball tournament and I saw snow flurries!  One of my SILs teased me about not being worried until there were lots of snow flurries 🙂  Its being somewhere where there can be snow flurries in October.

ready to play

Saturday night we headed home for yummy chili and movie night and sibling harassment!

Sunday we left to “warmer temps” but still had to scrape ice off the car. Mom called to check on us around the wind farm and I told her we were happily listening to the ice fall off the car! 

icy mirror

 Kansas has more of a fall than we do and I kept telling Mr. G that I thought Kansas was beautiful with all the different colors in the fields.  Here is a milo field:

milo field

And here is just one of the many (many) pictures we took of the wind farm:

lots of windmills

It was a whirlwind trip but lots of fun and great to see everyone!  I could post a lot more pictures but it was very hard to get the football and volleyball players to hold still 🙂



  1. interesting pics..

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