Posted by: griswoldfun | October 11, 2009

Weekend in Numbers

3 day weekend. 26 hours in the car. 1600 miles. 5 Kansas cities. 88 degrees when we left home and 24 degrees Sat morning.1 speeding ticket.  2 hours of driving in hard rain. 1 tour by a 15 year old driver. 500 choices of soda. 2 hour tour of a boat factory.8 layers of fiberglass in boats. 3 stops at McDonalds.2 mornings of donuts. 1 high school football game. 1 high school volleyball tournament with a 2nd place finish. 15 minute bathroom break at Economy Engravers. 1 Matthew McConaughey movie. 536 US locations of Tim Hortons. A few snow flurries. A lot of windmills. 2 pans of bubble loaf. 2 new friends (shout out to Jarrod & Curtis!). Lots of fun!



  1. And 1 sweet wife to spend all that time with

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