Posted by: griswoldfun | September 28, 2009

Update on my sister

A quick update on my sister – her surgery is over and done and Jamie is resting in her room. Many thanks for the prayers as surgery went well, Dr. Stiles is pleased with how everything turned out, and Jamie’s post surgery recovery has been going extremely well (that means two pain pumps and she is the most coherent she has ever been after surgery). There was some excitement when an antibiotic gave her “fiery” hair (an allergic reaction on her scalp) but her anesthesialogist took good care of her. Please continue to pray for her recovery over the next few weeks. For those wondering, the official surgery performed was latissmus dorsi flap (Jamie spelled that for me) and the entire surgery took approx 6 1/2 hours. It is anticipated that Jamie will be in the hospital for 2 nights (home on Wednesday) and home on a “staycation” for 3 weeks. For the record, Baylor Hospitals are amazing and the staff is wonderful!



  1. Good to hear! We’ll keep praying for good rest and full recovery with no complications. Love you

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