Posted by: griswoldfun | September 27, 2009

Weekend Randomness….

Our weekend was filled with good randomness… there was Chicken Express twice and ice cream twice. We had homemade hamburgers and homemade cinnamon rolls. In the grand plan of distracting my sister before surgery we also went to an early movie on Saturday… that didn’t go as well as we thought. You know “Love Happens”? The new movie staring Jennifer Aniston… Jennifer Aniston who does lots of light, romantic comedies? Yeah… not so much this one. I won’t give it away in case you want to see it, but I will say that I think our entire group of girls cried.  At first my eyes teared up and I didn’t think I would do anything more than tear up, so I didn’t wipe at them. Big mistake because the next thing I knew I had big, fat tears rolling down my checks.  You might want to consider skipping it.  So today we made up for it with a trip to see the musical Mary Poppins – much better!  It was fabulous!  Loved the singing and the dancing. Loved the happy kids we ran into everywhere. Loved the time with the girls (laughing as opposed to crying on Saturday!)!  If you get to see it – dont pass it up!    (And no pictures from the show… we were going to take some afterwards, but I ended up having my camera confiscated once we sat down. I was so embarrassed and didn’t want to use it once I got it back at the end of the show!)

With that rambling shared… please say a prayer for my sister, Jamie, as now that the weekend fun is over it is now surgery time. If you read this on Sunday night, please pray that she sleeps well!  And then please prayer for Dr. Stiles, the anesthesiologist, and the entire team of nurses that will take care of Jamie tomorrow and for her hospital stay.  Please pray for quick healing with minimal pain.  And please pray for peace for the entire family and that our anxiousness is taken away. Thank you for continuing to cover us in prayer!


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