Posted by: griswoldfun | September 23, 2009

Pre-Surgery Prayer Requests

Lindsay – I know you don’t like it when I double post but with Jamie’s upcoming surgery it will be happening!

Jamie has flown off to attend a lymphedema seminar, so I am doing a blog post for her on her blog and posting it here as well. She has 5 more wakeups till surgery – as you read this would you please say a prayer for the following? Thank you!

-Safe traveling!  Jamie flew out tonight (Wed), has two full days of her seminar, and is flying home on Friday night

-Continued peace over the next 5 wakeups!  That Jamie can concentrate on her seminar and enjoy her weekend (Mary Poppins the musical is on the weekend’s agenda!).

-Her plastic surgeon, Dr. Stiles – please pray for her as she prepares for surgery and for her wisdom while in the operating room.

-Jamie’s body & healing  – continued good blood flow, well behaving and intact nerves, quick healing following surgery, and that she won’t miss her muscle on her back

-And continued peace!

Thank you!


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