Posted by: griswoldfun | September 22, 2009

Happy Fall & Becoming My Mom

Happy first day of fall! With that said, I am becoming my mom… I had to run to the grocery store after i had already come home from work and on my way out of the neighborhood two boys aimed their toy guns at me. They were probably 12 years old? Old enough to know better… On my way back home they were still outside only instead of pointing their toy guns at me, they just stood still and raised them in the air. I debated for a few seconds on whether or not to do it… and then decided what the heck. I put my car in reverse and rolled down the window – talk about two pairs of very wide eyes.  I rolled down my window and  one of the boys quickly said “They’re just toys”. I told them I knew that, but what if someone else didn’t know that didn’t handle it as well as I did?  I was laughing inside but those boys were afraid of what I was going to do… (one of them volunteered that there names were “Bob” and “Steve”).  Although Mr. G didn’t think it was quite as funny when I started the story out with a “I’m becoming my mom…”



  1. Love the names “Bob” and “Steve”. That is hilarious! Good for you!

  2. I am embracing the idea of becoming the crazy lady in the neighborhood!

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