Posted by: griswoldfun | September 14, 2009

Ribs & Rain

It has been rainy and dreary since Friday. I was okay with it this weekend – mostly because I wore trouser jeans and flip flops to church because I figured if my feet were going to get wet I would get them dry fast. But today I am ready for the rain to stop because I actually had to leave the house in work clothes and while peep toe shoes are cute it does mean wet toes.  But on a positive note it was nice to know that I didn’t have to worry about dinner tonight since I am serving leftover ribs! Wahoo for warm leftovers on a dreary Monday night!  I made the oven baked ribs that the Pioneer Woman and the other Pam Andersonmade and then invited my parents over to eat and watch some football (I really just wanted a bigger test kitchen… you know, in case I messed up we wouldn’t have lots of leftovers! Just kidding!).  My poor mom – she really deserves to get to be a part of the test kitchen a lot more frequently! Mom & I do some of our best chatting when I call her from the grocery store to ask random cooking questions (“Mom… if you were pimentos where would you hide? ” The other week a man stopped and asked me if I knew where the sour cream was and I offered to call my mom… FYI it’s in the dairy section next to the milk, not the cheese like I thought).  Anyway, the ribs were fabulous and I would recommend them to anyone!  The dry rub has paprika and brown sugar and is perfect – sweet and spicy!  And my mom had a good laugh at me for following the recipe to a “t” – the Pioneer Woman and Pam Anderson said to put the ribs directly on the oven rack, so I did:


I realize that I could have used a pan… but what if this really made the ribs that much better?  Plus, I knew I would be able to clean it all up.  But I did admit that I talked out loud about it and questioned my decision to do it (Lana can attest to that) and when Mr. G heard what I did he was even shocked – but all was fine since he had a happy and full stomach.  And, after taking the above picture, I did hit the “Auto Clean” button before going to bed!  That was a lot of writing to say go make some ribs!



  1. My first complaint: This blog doesn’t capture the smell or the taste of the yummy ribs…..not to mention the other items: jalapeno popper dip, spicy salad and hummus plus oreo cookie cookies with ice cream.

    Mr. G
    Head Test Kitchen Volunteer

  2. Thanks for the invite! And maybe it’s worth following the recipe to a “t”. Everything was wonderful! Sorry about K-State Mr. G!

  3. What about that smell that came with the oven “Auto Clean”!!!

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