Posted by: griswoldfun | August 27, 2009

Getting sick in the summer is the worst!

Getting a summer cold always seems much worse than getting a cold in the winter. Maybe because it’s too hot for soup? Although I did enjoy a mug of hot chocolate this morning in hopes that the hot liquid would help me breathe better. We also had some comfort food for Mr. Go – a casserole called “Spanish Delight” that his mom used to make when he was younger.  I asked what kind of noodles his mom used so I could make it “just right”… His reply was “Grandma’s homemade noodles”.  Yeah… the casserole wasn’t quite right.  He didn’t seem to mind – or it was  because he couldn’t taste anything due to his cold 🙂


  1. Feeling any better? Beckett and I both had summer colds. I agree, they’re the worst.

  2. That breaks my heart to think of Beckett sick!! I most certainly shouldn’t complain about my snot!

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