Posted by: griswoldfun | August 23, 2009

Eat, Pray, Love

I finished “Eat, Pray, Love” and while I didn’t go crazy over it, I did enjoy Elizabeth Gilbert’s writing style and the history she included.

eat pray love

I also found this quote on happiness to be truthful:
“I keep remembering one of my Guru’s teachings about happiness. She says that people universally tend to think that happiness is a stroke of luck, something that will maybe descend upon you like fine weather if you’re fortunate enough. But that’s not how happiness works. Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world for looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings. And once you have achieved a state of happiness, you must never become lax about maintaining it, you must make a mightily effort to keep swimming upwards into that happiness forever, to stay afloat on top of it. If you don’t, you will leak away your innate contentment. It’s easy enough to pray when you’re in distress but continuing to pray even when your crisis has passed is like a sealing process, helping your soul hold tight to its good attainments.”

In the past week or so it seems we have had lots of talk about “happiness” – from a friend having a co-worker explain to him that “you  choose to be happy” to the random discussion over dinner about striving to have happy spouses.  It’s actually given me a lot to chew on – especially in light of hormone influences?? Hum….


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