Posted by: griswoldfun | August 19, 2009

The one where I almost threatened bodily harm…

On my way home from work I stopped at Sam’s Club to stock up on cereal and hummus. I parked kinda in an empty row near a cart return and cracked my window (it’s hot here!!). Before I could get out this little punk kids comes up to my window – I mean right next to my window with – we were eyeball to eyeball. He mumbles something and I had no clue what exactly – but I said a nice, polite, firm “No”. He then proceeds to come up closer to my window (think belly on the glass) so he can point his lips in (not toward, but in) my cracked window and again asked if I wanted to donate schools supplies to help the less fortunate. I again gave a firm “No” and when he said “You don’t want to help out” I even volunteered a “I’ve helped out this year”. And then he kept going and mumbling in my cracked window and I got mad. This punk 12 year old kid had me pinned in my car and wouldn’t leave!  Even though there was a window between us and he was a kid… I started to feel threatened with him in my personal space!  I tried using my firm voice that i use when I tell Mr. G to stop tickling me.  Nothing…He only moved when I threw open my door and nearly hit him (and the only reason I opened the door was because it was broad daylight and only other shoppers were moving in and out of the parking lot… i did contemplate moving my car, but again – 12 year old kid??). Please don’t get into my personal space 🙂

*Updated: Just to clarify – I didn’t actually hit him…. The kid just didn’t move until I nearly hit him with my door! The combination of the buggy return and my door worked to form a cattle chute of sorts and forced him to go towards the front of my car while I slipped out and went towards the back and marched across the parking lot into Sam’ s. I didn’t look back to see where he was going but he didn’t follow me!  I felt like my mom in the fact that I told the guy who checks the cards about the kid.  Poor guy had trouble hearing me but one of the cart collector guys was there and we stepped outside to see if we could spot the kid -nothing.  I just got flustered by the entire thing!



  1. Then I texted with happy thoughts:)

  2. And I appreciated the text!

  3. He probably had figured out that using a little guilt, people will give him $2. $3 or $5. easy bucks for nothing. i might try that to rehab my 401k.

  4. These are the situations for which God inspired pepper spray. 😉

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