Posted by: griswoldfun | August 17, 2009

Cheese Won!

I lost major points with the husby this morning when he asked my favorite part of the weekend and I told him the cheese! I would never say that I loved cheese, but on Saturday night we went to Simply Fondue with out most favorite boating buddies and all around awesome couple (it was nice to see each other dressed up instead of in swimsuits and sunblock)… and oh my word… The Cheese!!!


This is the pot of Pepper Jack Cheese that we scraped clean (okay, it was Mrs. ED and me… the guys stopped eating)! It was creamy and just the right amount of spiciness.  It came served with bread, carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower and Granny Smith apples.  The Granny Smith apples were amazingly delicious with the Pepper Jack! (We also had a pot of Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar and we made a good dent in it.. .but oh, the Pepper Jack!!)


I honestly could have skipped the meat portion…I think it was something about having to make sure everything was cooked througly and I couldn’t time everything?  But it was fun and good…


And the dessert part?  Y.U.M. We picked Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Heath Bar and my sweet tooth self thought I had about died and gone to heaven when our waitress lit a flame in the fondue pots so we could start with a roasted marshmallow!  That was followed by  rice krispie treats, brownie bites, strawberries, cherries, and bananas… sooooo good!  Yet I still ranked the Pepper Jack cheese above the chocolate? That is so odd for me!


In addition to dinner on Saturday night, our weekend also included a great trip to the lake on Friday night, a trip to Kroger on Saturday to take advantage of double $1 coupons (makes me old to admit how excited I got about that?), a get together with friends after Saturday night dinner, and a back to school party with our BFG group.  At least half of our BFG group are teachers – so we collected school supplies to contribute to them. Check out this stash:

school supplies

Lana and all the teachers made out pretty well! It was fun for me to get to shop for school supplies, but not have to go through the painful process of going back to school 🙂



  1. That sounds so, so delicious. I’m seriously thinking Matt and I need to make an impromptu trip to Dallas or maybe Memphis just to go. Was it horribly expensive?

  2. Let’s just say it was more than our normal dates to Chickfila!

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