Posted by: griswoldfun | August 16, 2009

The Pink Lemonade Necklace

I stumbled upon this:

Jess LC

“The Pink Lemonade Necklace – a necklace for those who turn life’s lemons into a bright future” from a link on the Be Bright Pinkwebsite and made a note in my calendar to go back and order one for Jamie’s cancerversary.  Then through random blog linking and reading, I actually stumbled upon the blog for Jess LC which is titled “Make Under My Life”.  I knew Jess LC was a jewelry designer but never  put two and two together that she was the one who designed “The Pink Lemonade Necklace” until I order the necklace a few weeks ago. One of those random things that I found pretty stinkin’ cool.  So, I think everyone should consider supporting breast cancer by buying their own “Pink Lemonade Necklace” or at least go check out all of Jess LCs  jewelry (specifically her Soc Chic line benefiting social causes) and checking out her blog.  Happy shopping and reading!


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