Posted by: griswoldfun | August 7, 2009

Questions of the day…

If there are three rows of mostly cardio equipment at the gym, why would little mustached man decide to pick the machine right next to mine? Maybe he wanted to watch “Ghost Whisperer” which was on the TV immediately in front of us? And, why did he smell like peppercorn beef jerky?

Everyone make a mental note to not borrow my copy of “Eat, Pray, Love” due to the amount of sweat that dropped on it at the gym tonight. I ran into Mom & Dad at Target on my way home and they will bear witness to how sweaty I was.

After Target I stopped by McDonald’s for dinner.  Hey… I was a happy camper with all those endorphins and the double cheeseburger. Being a happy camper is pretty important!

Also, Lindsay, thanks for the peanut butter freezer dessert of goodness – it is gone (we shared! although we could have eaten it all ourselves).



  1. Wow, did you share it with 20 people or am I just that great????
    And I completely love that you ate McDonalds after you worked out. My kind of day. 🙂

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