Posted by: griswoldfun | July 2, 2009

Vacation time!

I think I have everything packed? I counted 12 adults, 10 kids, and 4 boats. We have a big lake to play on for a week and 1 new ice cream maker to take with us. Does anyone else ever feel the need to clean their house before they leave for a trip? My sister has talked me out of doing this… but the night is still young…

And thank you for the prayers for Dad Brad. Surgery went well and he is working on a speedy recovery.


  1. I feel the need to come home to a clean house and have worked with G & J’s help getting it done! Even our sheets will be clean when we get home. Ahhhh. Makes the coming home part not so bad- at least for us girls. For the boys, nothing can soothe the pain.

  2. It is often my plan to clean before I leave but somehow something more fun usually comes up instead. 🙂

    J’s a wise woman. Maybe she thought you should rest up before the big trip.

  3. The cleaning made for better sleep at night. There really is something about coming home to a clean house!

  4. Is this all part of a make us move to Dallas campaign that you and Cora have going??? All this boat talk and what not.


  6. As jealous as I would be, it does sound like a good plan. Then at lease you would all be in one place so we could come visit…and boat.

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