Posted by: griswoldfun | June 30, 2009

DINKS & boat snacks

This weekend while at a bigger lake a bit north of us we saw this boat cruising around and had to spend some time dreaming about a potential upgrade if we don’t have kids (Dual Income, No Kids.. Get it?).


That was just my super smooth segue way to post about snacking on the boat for Mel! My personal issue with snacking is that I get hot on the boat and don’t want to eat anything “healthy”… At the same time, chocolate melts so I am deterred by that(except brownies fare well – learned that this past weekend!) Many years of Mr. G boating with friends has left him with a definite opinion about boating snacks – beef jerky (I quote, the perfect food), pistachios, and trail mix are usually always in our stash (the trail mix with M&Ms!). Everyone loves chips to go with their sandwiches, but the big bags can get soggy so I have started buying chips in tubes (Lays stacks – they are a $1 at Wal-Mart) or some of those smaller bags of rice snacks (when they were on sale for $1)…and I got some individual bags of chips for vacation (portion control or something like that). I also bought some individual bags of Gardettos (not my fav but my small friends like them and I will honestly admit that I look for ways to buy their friendship). I am working on upping the healthy quotient and we have started bringing frozen grapes out – those always go over well even when not frozen. We talked about oranges, but I worry about the juice. Apples and bananas would bruise. My friend Bonnie has brought carrots and hummus and that was a hit but is dependant on cooler space. The seedless watermelon she brought a few times was also dependant on cooler space and the boatees (you can’t really tell a “new” friend to watch their juice and go eat on the swim deck, now can you?



  1. People don’t realize the cooler constraint while boating. You should send out a pre-boarding email. Maybe make some diagrams and the like.

    Also randomly, did you know that Pringles are only 40% potato? I don’t know what the other stuff is, but less than half of that “chip” is made of potato.

  2. Thanks Alison!! Jerky and trail mix are perfect, I agree. And as for the pringles, the other half is goodness 🙂

  3. I just googled boat snacks and you are 4 down of the list!

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