Posted by: griswoldfun | June 22, 2009

What has been going on….

Our church had over 1,300 kids, youth, and adults partcipate and help out with VBS – which Mr. G pointed out is about the population of his hometown. We went to the VBS carnival on Thurs night to help out and at one point everyone goes inside for a video and to hear all the kids sing songs. It was an absolute madhouse and the kids loved every minute of it.

worship center

After the craziness, it’s back outside for more playing. Our BFG was manning a huge slide and I found my dad on top of the slide telling the kids when to slide down.  I figure he probably welcomed the chance to sit down after handling a group of 5th grade boys all week…  Dad is awesome!


And, we have squeezed in some lake time the past few days. I am afraid that my posts are going to be more boring then they already are during the summer!  No one wants to know about how I am practicing my driving….


Or how Mr. G took the below picture that shows that my  favorite thing about boating is the snacking!  I don’t think anyone would want to read my thoughts on boating food!

snack time

And one last picture from the weekend, just because I can!


Here’s to a great week!



  1. mmmmmmm…..snacking.

  2. So what is good boating food? I also am a lover of boat-snacking, so…please do tell.

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