Posted by: griswoldfun | March 24, 2009

TOP 5 Reasons March 2009 is a great month for Mr. G

5.  Already been boating (don’t tell Mrs. G as she didn’t make the first trip)

4.  Mrs. G got crawfish for her birthday and she was happy!  (Yes I ate some, but also had shrimp)

3.  March Madness!  I love sports, but don’t watch them much expect for the Superbowl and March Madness – can’t miss them.

2.  Spring Break – ah the memories of going skiing as a kid are some of the best.  Now it is great, as some of the KS family get to visit on their spring break and that is a treat.  Also did I mention traffic is less with so many people off doing fun things.

1.  THE RANCH THE RANCH THE RANCH!!!  Yes Jamie, we are going to the ranch in March this year and it should be a blast!  Just if I had a pink ribbon 4 wheeler (maybe that will be in my March 2010 list).

          Mr. G



  1. If you ever move to Ohio, you’d only have to wait 2 more months before you could take the boat out. That’s better right?

  2. Yea – still a little cool here. The air temperature may get 80s, but the the water temperature ranged from 60 to 66 F in different spots of the lake. Us old people didn’t jump in, but a daring 3 year old (aka Polar Bear) and a fun loving 5 year old (aka Penguin). -Mr. G

  3. I think my love for March is greater than yours!

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