Posted by: griswoldfun | March 22, 2009

Arkansas love!


I was able to meet up with my college girlfriends in Arkansas this past weekend for a baby shower for Mel & Jenny. It is so nice to see those girls! Christy opened her house to us for the weekend and we had a great time of relaxing and catching up and eating. Christy – thanks for being willing to open your house to us and feed us! Matt – sorry you got kicked out for the weekend!  We appreciate all the girl time. lana2

Lana – brilliant idea to rent Twilight – glad we got to see it and convince the others to read the books! Jenny – thanks for carpooling and letting me talk (a lot). And thanks for staying calm with the flat tire! Mel – thanks for playing Wii – you were adorable. Cora and Karen- missed you a lot!! Alex – I may have slightly willed for Cora to have her baby this weekend to save you some text messaging – guess you will have to resort to multiple texts! Henry – you are adorable! henry Thanks for letting us pass you around!



  1. Oh, yea!!! Great pictures, Philly!!!

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