Posted by: griswoldfun | March 11, 2009

A Green Smoothie?

The past few weeks we have spent our evenings enjoying the warmer temps and spring-like weather by taking evening walks. Unfortunately it has been rainy and dreary the past two nights. It’s actually a good thing because we need the rain and want the lakes to fill up, but it’s a bad thing because it has given me extra time to read blogs. Last night I stumbled onto a recipe for “Green Smoothies” and was pretty intrigued. I had everything but a banana, so today at lunch I picked some up and was very excited to come home and try them.


I had to bribe my test kitchen with ice cream to get a promise to try them… but we were both surprised at how good they tasted. Ours are more “brown” than “green” because I didn’t use as much Spinach as recommended – figured it was better to build up to that!


I wasn’t sure how they were going to taste…or if I could get past the color, so I put them in coffee mugs with the lids on so we couldn’t see what we were drinking! But they really were good!




  1. Not bad, but still not ice cream…..rather use the bananas for banana muffins. Mr. G

  2. I’m going to try this. Question – did you use only water, or did you also add coconut milk, and kefir (??). Also, did you use anything to sweeten (she suggested stevia or honey)?

  3. Ooh, good questions by Kaely. I would like to know that too. I think I will try it as well. We never get enough veggies.

  4. We only used water… Plus two handfuls of spinach, one cup (plus a little extra) of frozen strawberries, some frozen blueberries, one banana, and a couple squirts of honey… Really good!

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