Posted by: griswoldfun | March 4, 2009

Griswold Playlist

    So this is another random post with lots of links!  I sometimes laugh at how loud our house is for just two people. If we aren’t watching something, there is always music on. We both often pick to have music as background noise instead of TV. Only we often crank it up so it’s not so much “background noise” as it is “loud, happy noise”.  Here is what is getting the most play right now – I was only going to link the first song because it has been my favorite for over a year… but decided that some of you might be bored and might actually want to kill some time – so hyperlinks for all our favorites and embedded video for Stoney!
    Oklahoma Breakdown by Stoney LaRue  (Also, I don’t endorse cigarette smoking… really, really hate it…but I did find it very random that at the start of the song Stoney lit a cigarette and kept it in his hand as he strummed the guitar?)


  1. You really do listen to country!!

  2. Right now we are into country… but I don’t care what Kid Rock and CMT tell me – Kid Rock is not country!

  3. I totally agree! Kid Rock is NOT country!

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