Posted by: griswoldfun | February 28, 2009



After enjoying dinner out with friends, we came home and watched Fireproof.  Let me  just say that Kirk Cameron aged very, very well!  With that said, for a low budget church film, Fireproof is really good.  And it has a great message about marriage as a covenant.  I only teared up a little!  And, as Mr. G pointed out as I was stressing during the movie, “Don’t worry, it’s like a Disney movie – you know it will end fine!”  (And Mr. G didn’t know who DJ was on Full House?  Headed over to Netflix to put some Full House in the queue…)


  1. My husband and I saw the movie a few weeks ago. We both thought it was really good and have recommended it to others. I even mentioned it on my blog. Marriage takes work and committment. I’ve heard people say they’ll get married and if it doesn’t work out — they are out of there. Not a good attitude to start off with.
    Well that’s just my two cents. Glad you are spreading the word about this movie. Take care, A.

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