Posted by: griswoldfun | February 26, 2009

American Idol & Subway

I think we are the only people who don’t watch American Idol! I was amazed at how many blog titles / subject matters and facebook status had to do with American Idol today!  Last night while the majority of the US was cozy on their sofas, we were at Subway sharing a foot long due to a little dinner “incident”.  The frozen stir fry veggies didn’t look quite right when I dumped them in the pan… I kinda stared at them for a few minutes as they cooked and then glanced at the bag.  Then I had to ask Mr. if the “best by” date was 2003 or 2008.  He decided 2003 and that we would just go to Subway so I wouldn’t get frustrated with dinner. Then… this morning he noticed that I had pulled sausage out of the freezer to put in red beans and rice and he joked about the expiration date. I told him I couldn’t find one and would he double check. He found it  – another 2003. No fear, spaghetti for dinner tonight instead.  I pulled out the Parmesan cheese and on a lark checked the date… 2001.  Now, he didn’t move to this city till 2002??  Yes, you guessed right – this weekend I will be going through the freezer and pantry to see if there are any other items I missed the first time I cleaned them out after getting married!



  1. HAHA! That’s too funny!! See that scrapbook for blogs will be v-e-r-y interesting to read years down the road.

  2. Yes, I need to see that Idol show to see what is about…….. – Mr. G. Hey, I take no blame for having expired food in the freezer.

  3. That’s really funny about the expiration dates. 2001 is pretty bad! I’m glad you haven’t been sick yet. And we don’t watch AI either–totally off that band wagon. My parents, however, watch it faithfully.

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