Posted by: griswoldfun | February 8, 2009

Weekend in Numbers

1 birthday party for the cutest 5 year old we know!  5 loads of laundry.  2 naps.  45 minutes looking at routers and switches.  2 ice cream trips.  15 bigillion times we listened to “Mercy” by Duffy.  87 cents spent at Barnes and Noble.  7 friends from Bible Fellowship Group (BFG) at Sunday lunch.  8 months we’ve been married.  9 pm Saturday night when we realized it was an anniversary. 2 hours of Tom Cruise.  Hope everyone had a great weekend, too!



  1. 87 cents? I didn’t know you could buy anything for 87 cents any more. Also… They mentioned Duffy on American Idol last week, I think? And Matt and I just kind of assumed that Hillary Duff was going by a new name. We figured it out when we looked it up on iTunes, but we thought that was hilarious!

  2. I had a gift card to Barnes and Noble…that’s how you spend 87 cents! No clue where we heard about Duffy… we really need to branch out beyond the “Mercy” song!

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