Posted by: griswoldfun | February 2, 2009

Updated my blogroll

Okay, I got the post transfered over… lost some of the links and pictures and it looks like I posted everything on one day, but i got the funky symbols taken care of (and learned that there is a differnce in Mozilla and Explorer). But most improtantly I updated my blogroll from my Google Reader… thought I would share a quick rundown of them:
Jamie is my sister! I am extremely biased in this being my favorite blog!! Jamie is a breast cancer survivor and started her blog when she was first diagnosed as a way to let people know what was going on and how she was doing. It has been an amazing journey for Jamie and our entire family and Jamie is very open about it all. It’s amazing (again… very biased)!
From Jamie, I have the Blong, Souza, and Tippen families – these are actually my sisters college girls. She was sending me texts / emails to go look at their blogs and at their families, so I added them to my reading list. They love my sister and pray for her and therefore I love them!
Something to Talk About is another friend of my sisters and while I don’t know her, she leaves the sweetest comments for my sister, so I started reading her blog.
Lindsay at Pleasant Drive is married to one of my sisters college friends. She is also a breast cancer survivor and I have been following her journey.
Cora at Better Than Fine is my oldest friend… we have know each other since we were 12 and lived together for 3 years of college. She knows a lot about me. A lot! I wish I was Witty is her husband. And Crow’s Nest, Just Write, The Cozart Fam, and The Green House are all my sweet college friends.
From Cora’s blog I got hooked on Leah at A Girl and a Boy. She made me laugh outloud. From Leah I was introduced to Secret Agent Josephine. How could I not be intrigued to read a blog by someone called Secret Agent Josephine? She had a cute kid and is so creative it is mind boggeling for a left brained gal like me! One day Secret Agent Josephine had a guest blogger by the name of Camels and Chocolate. She is so stinkin’ cool and a travel writer and her guest blog had the most amazing picture of her sitting in a canoe amongst the bluest water AND mountains. I was determined to know where it was because, gosh darn, I am going there someday. So I emailed her and now read her blog (It was Banff, Canada… and guess what?  Just today she posted about that trip. Go NOW and read it… I’ll wait. Make sure you watch the video and you’ll understand why I want to go!).
Random blogs that I somehow linked to from the above or from these listed are Kelly’s Korner, The Glam Life of a Housewife, Learning to be a Wife, Reality of Happily Ever After, Adventure of a Southern Newlywed, An Undomesticated Newlywed, and Girl Learning Along the Way. I don’t know what made me first read them, it was either by comments or by blog titles, but obvisosly there is a newlywed theme going on in my reading! Gotta love reading the funny stories (and I like it when they share their super easy receipes)!

Happy reading!



  1. so i was reading the post and i was like i have heard of banff, canada…i stumbled across this photographers blog a while back and she lives in banff, canada… and her pictures are freaking amazing!!! i completely understand why you would want to go looks splendid!!

    I spent a whole afternoon one saturday looking at all her older posts… she is just an AMAZING photographer!!

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