Posted by: griswoldfun | February 1, 2009

25 Random things about Mrs. G!

I got tagged on Facebook for one of those “25 Random Things About Me” and I am posting it here since I am all about the random stuff!  If Mr. G does his we will post it, too!!

1. I was afraid I was going to get tagged in one of these things
2. I like peanut butter (still!) and eat it just about everyday
3. I also really, really like Diet Dr. Pepper
4. I think Chickfila has the best Diet Dr. Pepper and that they must put something extra in it
5. Four days a week I get up early to go to the gym
6. Four days a week I hate the gym (at least the first hour or so I’m up)
7. I really like sweets even though I know I shouldn’t (especially with regards to #6)
8. I limited my sugar intake at the beginning of the year and can tell a difference
9. I don’t dream a lot that I remember and those I remember involve me being chased or in a hurry and running /stumbling / crawling…especially through mud or gravel or rain
10. And sometimes I talk in my sleep… and then Mr. G talks back to me since he can’t tell if I’m asleep or awake. When he wakes me up I get mad
11. I love to read
12. I was off of work today due to the weather and actually didn’t pick up a book.
13. I joke with Mr. G about being a Domestic Diva in training – but that really is a big joke
14. I don’t really cook but always pull recipes out of magazines
15. I can’t sing, but I do anyway… a lot
16. Crowds don’t bother me, but parking and seating often overwhelms me
17. I also get overwhelmed by all the stuff I’m “supposed to do”… eat all the right foods, take all the right vitamins, do the right exercises, clean with the safe products, recycle, pray for everything / person, donate to all the right causes
18. My bathroom mirror is covered in post-it notes so I’m not overwhelmed with prayer ‘cause that is the one thing I want to focus more energy on
19. There is nothing quite like getting to take a post it note down due to answered prayer
20. I am ready for boating season and being on the lake
21. I am not ready for all the other boat related stuff…getting the boat out and putting it back in dry storage
22. My college nickname was Phil and I still answer to it
23. I think there are people out there who still don’t know that my name wasn’t “Phyllis”
24. Mr G.  refuses to admit that people call me “Phil”. He calls me A&W
25. I am going to be random and just tag people I am related to and see how many nasty comments I get -)

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