Posted by: griswoldfun | January 31, 2009

Southern Reality

Last night I stopped on “Unwrapped: Southern” on the Food Network. I’m still fond of Marc Summers from the “Double Dare” days! BUT, the segment I saw was on Pork Rinds?? Now, I’m from the south and I know how you make pork rinds…  but I didn’t know that the main ingredient for pork rinds is also the main ingredient for gummy bears and marshmallows? Ewwww… so sad for me to find out! But probably won’t stop me from eating them. Just really, really surprised me. You know what else surprised me? If you want to make your own pork rinds… there is a Paula Deen recipe on Food Network’s website. I really shouldn’t be surprised. And, did you know you can go buy a microwaveable bag of pork rinds. Yes, microwavable! Just don’t know how I feel about making my own pork rinds! Seems some things should always come from a gas station!



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